Tristan | Central Coast Children’s Photographer

Still playing catch up on my blog posts, during our crazy hot spring, young Master Tristan was booked to come to the studio for his photo-shoot but due due the terrible bushfire situation we had to postpone the session, you see Tristan’s Dad is a member of the NSW Bushfire Brigade and was rather busy and exhausted at that time! As you can well imagine.

When the weather became a little more settled Tristan brought his mum and Dad in and we got to have some fun, of course I asked for them to bring along something special to photograph Tristan with…



Dad’s jacket was the perfect choice! Tristan looks proud of his Dad, don’t you think?

We had lots of fun this day, this kid has a great smile and laugh!







And some awesome drooling was going on…



We had a bit of dress up fun,




Is this kid not just the cutest Little Man ever!?




Thanks Tristan for coming to play in the studio it was so lovely to get the chance to photograph you.


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