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Today’s blog post is a personal one, I want to introduce you to the eldest of my own pets, Sebastian.



Sebastian entered my life almost 19 years ago as a skinny, noisy little kitten who’s tail was longer than his body! At the time I was working as a veterinary nurse in a practice on the outskirts of Sydney. One morning, arriving at work there was a box on the doorstep, a box with little kitten paws poking out the holes. Inside was a little black & white boy. I took him inside, fed him, had the vet check him over – nothing wrong with him. Out into the waiting room he went, with the ‘Adopt Me’ sign on his cage.

A few weeks went by, no-one wanted the little guy, he was a character that was for sure, but I was a dog & horse girl, I didn’t own cats! This little cat could scale the inside walls like a tree, his tail was still longer than his body and he was going to be a full of life cat for someone. He was desexed ready for someone to love him….but no-one came for him.

One morning I came to work and as usual did the feeding rounds, when it was his turn, he ‘meowed’ at me and I replied “How are you Sebastian?” And it hit me like a tonne of bricks, I had just named the previously un-named cat….that meant only one thing….I now owned a cat!



So, home came Sebastian. The first night home he took over the dogs bed, ok, the dog was a softie :) After staying inside for a week, his first outing into the yard he was met by my dog and the Rottweiler from across the road. Sebastian walked straight up to both of them and with a swift right/left hook combination Sebastian was now lord and ruler of our kingdom!!

Over the years Sebastian has outlasted a couple of boyfriends, my horses, my previous dogs and moved house with me too many times to count. The one thing I could always count on was coming home to Sebastian’s demands for food and his wonderful warm purring on my bed at night.

I said earlier that he was a character and he sure is, he worked out how to open one flatmates bedroom door and used to sleep on her bed, he has taken on many roaming dogs and always came out on top, he used to follow me when I would go trail riding with my horses he would always find a good vantage point to wait until I was returning, then he would jump up and perched on the saddle, ride home with me.

When Children entered our Family, I was unsure what he would make of them, but to my great surprise Sebastian was the pet who took the most interest in the Babies, when Aimilee was born, every time she would cry Sebastian would move into her line of sight and gain her attention and she would stop crying. Now that the kids are bigger (Aimilee 7 and Ash 4) Sebastian hangs out in the doll house or in the car box, he gets carried here there and everywhere, he never complains, he never scratches.



Sebastian is really slowing down now, he does have a few medical issues, he has lost all his teeth and at the start of winter I didn’t think he would see out the season. I changed his diet, I figured a cat at his age deserved something extra in his life, so I put him back on kitten food, make his kibble into porridge with kitten milk, and what happened? Sebastian has gained weight and is eating more than he has in quite a while! He still sleeps most of the day and night and now prefers to be carried up the stairs than climb the tree to the verandah, but at his age – thats very much ok!!

It was well overdue for Sebastian to have his own studio session and I am glad I set the time aside to do it.



Right now as I write this post Sebastian is being fought over by the kids – who’s bed he will sleep on is the current topic – Sebastian is truly a king amongst cats and I love him dearly. Here’s to more years to come with my beautiful boy.




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