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Well, it seems that I have been rather slack in updating my blog with new posts!

I do apologise for that, there is no excuse, I have just been slack!

But guess what…here is a new post, yay!

Back in August, for the Horses Birthday, I ran a competition to gift a photography session for 1 horse to celebrate, well Ruban won this competition, but as he is 22 years old and had been having some health issues we put his session on hold until he was feeling a bit better.

I am very happy to say Ruban is now feeling awesome – and looking awesome as well…..


Ruban was such a lovely, easy going, laid back horse to work with, ok, he was maybe a bit too laid back….he really made me work for those ‘ears’! As any horse owner knows, when you photograph your horse you want ‘ears’ it’s all about the ears!! But we got there in the end, with the help of a few cows in the next paddock and a tractor slashing another paddock!


We even had a little calf wander through the fence and add some ‘interest’ to our background…not that Ruban or his Mum, Jasmin were worried…


It’s a beautiful bond between these two and it was very plain to see…



Jasmin has done such an amazing job caring for Ruban during his health scare, it’s always hard when any of your animals are ill, but even harder when they are a senior!

Ruban is looking and feeling fantastic and it is all due to the love and care of Jasmin and the great vets and farriers she has been able to work with. Jasmin, you are wonderful and it shows in Ruben’s beautiful eyes xoxo



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful boy

Sharon Stokes

Central Coast Pet Photographer



  1. Beautiful pics of ruban the horse and beautiful pics of this young cowgirl great job live looking at your work sharon

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