PROJECT 52 – NEW (1/52)

This year I have decided to again participate in the ‘Project 52’ group of Professional Pet Photographers. What this means is that you’ll be hearing from me every Friday! Yep, every Friday throughout 2016 I will post my Project 52 image, there will be a set theme each week. But thats not all….this works in a blog ring, so when you have read my post and get to the end, there will be a link to another fantastic pet photographers website, so you can check out their interpretation of the weeks theme, and so on continuing around the blog ring all the way back to me…

The theme for week 1 of 2016 is – appropriately – “NEW” – the brief we have been given says – “For the first week of 2016, our theme is “new.” It could be a new toy, technique, or anything that fits the theme of NEW.”

Well this one is an easy one to start with. If you follow my page on FaceBook you may have seen that I entered an image into a competition in December and, well, I won the competition!

And what I won, was a NEW camera bag and camera strap generously donated by Camera Chick Camera Bags, a big thank you to Camera Chick and to everyone who voted for my image, I sincerely appreciate it.

Here is a series of images of my Son, Ash, checking out my NEW camera bag…..






yes, I know there are no pets in these images, but, the image that won the competition contained a pet!

Ash and his pet chicken Fauna….


Now, as I said, this is a blog ring, so sit back, grab a cuppa and follow the links, starting with Spotty Nose Pet Photography (Los Angeles, CA) to see everyones take on this weeks theme.

I hope you have all enjoyed this 1st weeks instalment of the 2016 Professional Pet Photography, Project 52.

See you all next week

~ Sharon Stokes ~APP

Central Coast Pet Photographer


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