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Beautiful Beasties is an international network of professional pet photographers, of which I am very privileged to be a part of. Within the network a group was formed for photographers who wanted to participate in a project, a 52 week project. Each week a theme is chosen and posted, then we all go out and take a photograph or series of photographs to fit the theme, then we all post onto our own websites and form a ring by linking all the websites. That means you can look at my images and then follow the links all over the world to see what other pet photographers are capturing.

The theme for week 7, chosen by Heather from Parkton MD, USA, is ‘Happy Face’ –  “I want to see pictures of what your pups look like as soon as you get home from work or an outing, or just them generally happy to see you.  I can already picture my photo of my Huskies ears flat on her head as she wags her tail when I get home from work…”

Well at first this theme sounded really easy – go out – come home and photograph how happy and excited Skarla is too see me….. ummm, yes only problem is Skarla is an absolute MASTER at the ‘Blue Steel’ look…

Skarla - "Oh your going out are you?"

Skarla – “Oh your going out are you?”

And then I come home…..

Skarla - "Oh goody, your home"

Skarla – “Oh goody, your home”

and then….

"At least you brought treats"

“At least you brought treats”

Lets hope if you follow the links around the blog ring you will see some more expressive pets than Skarla {I do know that on the inside she is jumping for joy when I get home}, start your global photography journey this week with San Francisco Bay Area Professional Pet Photographers, Photo Lab Pet Photography , keep following the links until you end up back here with us.

Oh and just because yesterday was Valentines Day, Skarla the kids and I had some fun, so here is a quick shot to say Happy Valentines day and be sure to kiss your pooch…



See you all soon.



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