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Beautiful Beasties is an international network of professional pet photographers, of which I am very privileged to be a part of. Within the network a group was formed for photographers who wanted to participate in a project, a 52 week project. Each week a theme is chosen and posted, then we all go out and take a photograph or series of photographs to fit the theme, then we all post onto our own websites and form a ring by linking all the websites. That means you can look at my images and then follow the links all over the world to see what other pet photographers are capturing.


The theme for week 1 of 2013 is “Family” and was chosen by Nicole St-Onge from Canada – “Most of us like being on the shooting side of the lens, but I thought it would be fun to see a photo of everyone and their family.  This photo can include you, your children, your spouse/significant other, and your pets!  Be as causal and fun as you want, or try something more formal and posed.  As photographers we are always taking photos of everyone else’s family, that we sometimes forget to photograph our own!”


With the help of another photographer Friend (thanks Denise), I managed to get my family dressed nice – I even managed to get shoes on Ash – and all together for our very first family portraits….




Now as I mentioned this is a blog ring, so if you make yourself comfy you can follow the ring around the world and meet my other photographer friends and their Families, starting with – Princeton New Jersey dog photography, Barking Lab Studio.

Thanks for joining me I will back with another instalment next Friday.



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