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After woking in some way, shape or form in the pet industry since before I left school (about 25 years now), it is unusual for me to come across a breed of dog that I have never had an encounter with before, but just recently I had the great pleasure to get to know and photograph 3 of the tiniest, most delightful dogs – Hamish, Bella & Ruby.

Hamish, Bella & Ruby are Prague Ratters, a breed this is quite rare in Australia but has a very long history in the Czech Republic dating back at least to Polish King Boleslav II The Brave (1058 -1080) and probably much earlier. You can find more history on the bred at the Prague Ratters Club of America.

Now let me start with Hamish – a true little Gentleman, Hamish is 4 years old …







Next up is Bella who is also 4 years old, Bella was the most reserved of the 3 during our photo-shoot…




And, little Ruby, who at only 18 months old is such a sweetie, for me, Ruby stole the show and I could not get enough of her!!








Just look at those ears!

Finally – Bella & Ruby together (because Bella had just come into season Hamish was being kept apart from the girls)…




I want to say a big thank you to Renee for welcoming me into her home and giving me my first experience with this wonderful little breed of dog. Hopefully there will be Prague Ratter puppy photos to be taken one day :)



  1. Hi Sharon,
    I love your subject matter!!
    Two years ago we purchased a female Prague Ratter (Zahra) and fell in love with her so much we imported a male (Clif) from the Czech Republic. My wife and I are now breeding these beautiful dogs so others can also enjoy their amazing nature and loyalty. We are pleased to say Zahra is now pregnant and we are expecting her first litter on the 16th April. We would welcome the opportunity for you to get some photos done of the puppies once they are born. If they are cute fully grown they are absolutely gorgeous when they are puppies..

    1. Oh, Peter, that sounds perfectly wonderful! Please feel free to give me a call on 0410 621 154 and we can arrange a time. I would love to meet Zahra, Clif and the Puppies when they arrive!!

    2. Hi Peter,
      I’m excited to hear you will be breeding this beautiful dog. My partner and I have fallen in love with them after meeting two little ones in Sydney several months ago. Are you expecting a litter soon? Would love to hear from you.

      1. Hi Monique, they are a wonderful breed of little dogs aren’t they?
        I will pass your comment onto both Peter and Renee (who owns Hamish, Bella & Ruby, as I believe Ruby is pregnant at the moment)

        1. Hi Sharon,

          Thank you for putting us in touch with Monique.

          Peter and i do have a gorgeous female puppy for sale. Zahra gave birth to her 7 weeks ago today, with Clif being the very proud father!

          We are about to start advertising her for sale this weekend, and she will be ready to take home in approx. 4 weeks time.

          Please feel free to share our contact details with anyone who would like more information on the puppy and please let us know if you would like to arrange to do a photo shoot of our adorable Prague Ratter family.

          Kind regards,
          Kylie & Peter

  2. I’ve been looking at getting a Prague ratter for about a year now, but can never find anyone with pups. I would be interested in some info if that’s OK.

    1. Hi Caroline, I have passed on your contact details to both Renee and Peter, good luck in finding yourself a Ratter, they really are such lovely dogs :)

  3. Oh my gosh, my daughter and I desperately want a Prague Ratter (or 2) ourselves. If you could pass on my details or send me the details of the folks above who are breeding them in Australia I’d be eternally grateful!

    1. Hi Billie, I will certainly pass on your details to Renee (who’s dogs are featured here) and also to Kylie & Peter. Good luck in your search for your very own Ratter :)

  4. What wondefully beautiful pics! i have been looking for a ratter for 2 years now with no avail! could you please pass my info onto the folks who have the pups and breed them? i would be eternally greatful ! xxx

    1. Hi Chris, thank you.
      They really are a lovely breed of dog!
      I will pass your details on and hopefully you will find a ratter for yourself.
      Good luck

    1. Hi Chris,

      We currently have 3 puppies looking for a new home. They were born on 28th September and will be ready to go to their new home just before Christmas. They are currently advertised on
      There are a few photos on there. If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  5. Hello,

    Those pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing them. I’m interested in a prague ratter as well. Any one who is breeding them, could you please let me know?

    My email address is debs-1982@

    Thank you, I appreciate it, debs

  6. Beautiful photos! I have a gorgeous 5 month old male Prague Ratter imported from Czech myself. They are fantastic dogs, I just love my tiny guy.

    1. Thank you Aubrey. What is your little fellows name? Feel free to send me some pictures of him, there is a much larger fan base for this breed than I realised! It’s great to hear from all the Ratter owners out there xoxo

  7. I would love some information on how to import these beautiful dogs. If anyone could help I would very much appreciate it. Thank you

    1. Hi Gillian, I will pass your details onto the breeders that I know who may be able to help you.
      Good luck in your search for your own Ratter
      Cheers Sharon xoxo

  8. If you looking to own on of these amazing dogs we have 3 puppies available to go to their new homes just before Christmas.

  9. Dear Sharon and Prague Ratter Fan Club,
    I have some tiny puppies due soon (December 2013) Looks like Sharon will be busy soon.
    I have also got my web site up and running with great information about the breed.
    Importing a new bloodline in February 2014. To continue the long term future of these wonderful dogs.

    1. Oh, Renee, that is wonderful news!
      I am already squealing with excitement, I can’t wait to meet and photograph the new babies!

  10. Wow, it is so wonderful to find other Prague ratter owners!! I love my three more than anything! I didn’t know they existed until four years ago, now I will never be without them!

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