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Another 2012 catch up blog post, I am getting there slowly…

Just before Xmas, Master Monte came into the studio – he had been ‘pet-napped’ so he could have a studio session without his mum knowing about it.

The plan was to have his studio shots done and put together an album for his mum as her very special surprise Xmas gift, how lovely is that!!??



Now I have to say that Monte is a little Rockstar – at 10 years old he was not interested in wasting time, I would put him in position take some images – re-arrange him, take some more – set change, take more images and Monte just went with the flow, he was so great to work with – some dogs just make my job easy :)









And I am very happy to say, we got Monte’s album designed, printed and delivered just in time for Xmas. A big thank you to Anthony for bringing Monte into the studio, it was a pleasure to meet both of you.


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