Meet – Max, Gucci & Ruby

Recently I was invited to photograph three beautiful dogs in their home. Max, Gucci & Ruby

I have to admit, it is the first time I have ever been greeted by any dog willing to share his very big bone with me!!

Max is a very handsome 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla. After he had posed for me with his bone he was happy to do some posing without it too :)

Next up was Gucci, a 7 year old Vizsla/Kelpie/Staffy mix, Gucci is such a sweet gentle girl..

How cool is the dog’s swing seat/bed! It really looked very comfy and relaxing.

Ruby who is only about 5 months old, had to be lifted up into the swing bed, and when she got tired of jumping around, she posed happily for me..

How super cute is Ruby!!! Ruby is a German Pinscher and totally cuddly!

Next we headed out into the backyard for some more photos, the dogs had great fun as you can see from Gucci’s smile as max gives her a kiss…

It was lovely to spend time with these three and their very devoted Mum, Emily.

Emily had 2013 calendars made up using images from our photo shoot, to use as gift for Family and friends in Europe, so next year Max, Gucci & Ruby will be international stars!


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