I Am Humbled….

2 weeks ago I received a phone call – a call that was amazing – a call that brought me to tears.

I was called by the Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA) – the call was to tell me that I had been nominated by some of my clients for the annual awards in the “Canine Photographer/artist of the Year” category!

I was speechless, I was excited, I was terrified, I was ecstatic, I AM HUMBLED….humbled that my clients think enough of me and my work to take time out of their busy lives to nominate me for this award.

I still can not quite believe it!

So I have completed the 3 page questionnaire and now I wait….the award winners are announced in may in Melbourne, whether I win or not, I don’t mind the most important thing for me is the nomination (don’t get me wrong winning would be extra super amazing!)

Now my fingers are crossed and we will see….


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