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I have news…great big exciting news….

Firstly I would like to introduce you all to a great global network called HeARTs Speak

HeARTs Speak is a global network of animal photographers, artists, authors, graphic designers, and advocates who believe in the power of collaboration. We are a partner-based organization committed to making a positive and lasting impact with our members, other organizations and the greater community. We provide our partners access to images, stories, and services that help them further their cause. Together and united in our efforts, we are ambassadors of change.”

Can you guess what my news is?

ServicePro-slantThat’s right, I have been accepted as a service professional member of HeARTs Speak, due to the work I do photographing animals for local rescue groups (insert happy dance here). Because all my work with rescue animals is voluntary – and it makes me feel good – to be accepted as a service professional member of HeARTs Speak gives me a warm fuzzy feeling of validation.

Now, all my images of rescue animals waiting to be adopted will have a lovely new watermark, like this image of Toots who is available for adoption at Gosford Dog Paws



or like this, for little Chloe was was just adopted earlier tonight…



I do feel very strongly about the plight of so many animals who are in rescue groups or animal shelters all around the world, I do the best and the most that I can for the animals local to me. I would like to ask that everyone who reads this post take a few minutes to think about how you might be able to help too….can you volunteer some time to walk or play with some dogs in your local pound? Can you take an animal into your home as a foster carer? Can you adopt a new Family member? Can you donate goods or money to your local rescue group? Can you simply tell others about the need to help animals who are without Families of their own?

Who knows you might end up as lucky as me….my very own Skarla was adopted…



Thank you for taking the time to think about the animals.


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