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Quite a few months back now I had the great pleasure to welcome into the studio, Beatrice, JD, Dante & Jessy. I could not reveal their session to anyone as Beatrice & Dante’s Mum & Dad were away and this was going to be their big Xmas surprise!

How cool is that – leave your beloved pets with friends and at Xmas you open a huge 16 X 20″ print of your dogs!!

I have met and photographed JD and Jessy before, but there is always time to photograph them again :)

JD – who is the ‘elder statesman’ of this family is a 7yr old Saint Bernard, and although he needed help with the stairs, he totally rocked his session…



JD even kept his composure when ‘little’ sister Jessy was doing some crazy photo-bombing antics!

Jessy – who is a 1 year old Leonberger – did calm down and behave for a few shots (she really is a very good girl, she just was not the centre of attention as she has already had her own full studio session)

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph Afghan Hounds, I find them so regal and poised. Beatrice – who is only 1 year old – was a little shy about everything at first, but she came around…





Don’t they make a beautiful pair?




Now Dante – who is also only 1 – was not shy at all, in fact I think he positively LOVED it when he was in front of the camera…

I call this his “shampoo commercial hair shake”……



It really was such a joy to photograph these four beautiful dogs. I think I have only scratched the surface of my dream to photograph Afghan’s, Lol, I might have to search out some more!!

Thank you Luke & Angela for bringing JD, Jessy, Beatrice & Dante into the studio.


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