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Sunrise is always worth getting out of bed for, it’s even better when you add Wally into the equation!


Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Wally….

Wally is a cute, spunky little Guy who has been having his xmas photos taken by me for the last few years and this year his Mum, Brooke, added a sunrise pet photography session to their end of year calendar.

Wally made getting up really early very worthwhile!


Brooke, Wally and I met up at North Shelley Beach and while Wally was very happy to pose for photos he really wanted to run and chase sticks, so we did that too..



We moved our way up the beach and Wally got to pose again – Wally is very, very good at posing!!




As the sun rose higher, we had the most amazing light, it really was a stunning morning, back to running, Wally…



Thanks to the random surfer for indulging Wally with a pat and a cuddle, then smiling for a photo too! The locals around here are great! Wally has an Uncle who surfs and Brooke tells me that Wally has to greet everyone coming from a surf, just in case he knows them!

A bit more posing for Wally, and there was one shot I had in mind…I wanted to capture the ‘big-sky’ look with Wally gazing out to sea…



Yep, I think we got just what I had in mind, thanks Wally!!

Then Wally had a bit of a ‘diva’ moment when there was a ‘no-photos-please’ look…


Hmmm, no, Wally I have not run out of treats, here have some more….there we go that worked…


Look at that adorable sandy nose!!

I asked Brooke to write a little bit about Wally and what he means to her, here is what she has to say –

Wally isn’t just a dog.. his the fur child! From the day he arrived home, he had a camera is his face and from then on, he loves having his photo taken.
Everyone that meets Wally, falls in love with the handsome facial expressions and his ‘smile’

His a beautiful boy and could not live without him..
So happy that I finally got his portraits done and we can have Wally photos everywhere now.”


Thanks Brooke for booking Wally in for his portrait session xo

Thanks Wally for being the absolute star that you are xoxo

Sharon Stokes ~ APP

Central Coast Pet Photography

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