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Before Xmas the Lewis pets came into the studio for their Pet Photography portrait sessions, I could not share any of the images as the session and the final wall art was all a big Xmas surprise for their Dad, Richard.

So now that xmas is over and their images are hanging proudly on the walls of their house, I can share how super cute they all are!!

Lets start with the ‘baby’ of the Family. Baxter who has just turned 1 and really should be a character on the Muppets! He fits the bill in both looks and personality…..




Can you get much cuter?

Next up we have Master Chase, 5 years young, and like most male cats he has the heart of a lion!





Chase loves to snuggle and to be worn as a ‘scarf’ draped over his Families shoulders…..but that little habit comes with a warning….once Chase is around your shoulders – he is very, very hard to dislodge!

Next up is the ‘Matriarch’ of the Family, Bindi, at 7 years old and being a mix of large breeds she is – against her will – starting to have to slow down a bit, but that just means more naps and more snuggles, right Bindi?





While that completes the ‘official’ Lewis Family of pets, there was another extended Family pet who came along for a surprise photo session too….

Molly, who would be considered the Grandma of the Family, is staying while her Mum, Carol, is in hospital, so what better gift could the Family give than a framed enlargement to help her Mum feel better and get back home as soon as she can…





Thanks to Kristy for bringing everyone into the studio for their portrait sessions, I know Richard loved his pictures and we send our love to Carol in her healing process xo

Oh, wait, I almost forgot! There is another image I need to share…..

This is what happens when your 10 year old Human gets hair chalks for her birthday……


*NB – No Baxters were harmed in the making of this image…..unless you count being dragged away from a good game of wrestling with Skarla and then a bath to finish off his session….no, he was all good, I promise xo


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