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Ok, it’s catch up time!

I am even further behind than I thought, I really thought I had blogged this session, but it must have slipped into the black-hole of the pre-Xmas madness!

So, Brooke, here we go….

Yes, everyone you did read the title correctly – 9 dogs and 9 pretty big dogs too! But I have to say these were the best behaved most well mannered and socialised pack of dogs I have ever met!!


There is the Family shot, which was not as hard to capture as I expected, having been a Pet Photographer for plenty of years now, I have to admit, when Brooke called me up and booked her session then told me she had 9 dogs – well I had my reservations, I did consider bringing in an assistant as backup, but follow up conversations with Brooke made me think, we would be ok. And ok we were! Brooke and Rhys have done a stellar job in training, socialising and integrating all the beautiful dogs, I can not tell you enough how much respect I have for Brooke, Rhys and their pack!

So lets meet each of the dogs…

We will start with the newest member and the Baby of the Family…

“Gypsy” – a pretty Whippet girl – at just 10 weeks old


I have asked Brooke to tell me a bit about each of the dogs, about Gypsy, Brooke says – “Gypsy, the baby of the pack, her favourite game is “zoomies” and having the rest of the pack try to keep up with her! She’s a very sweet girl who is always up for a game and a play”


Next up is Tyson a 4 month old Rottweiler with big feet to grow into!


About Tyson, Brooke says “Tyson is our  joker of the pack always making us laugh, getting himself stuck in silly places or doing funny thins. His favourite place is on the lounge with his best mate Kaos.


We had best jump straight to Kaos now, these two kept their habit of being lounge buddies even in the studio!


Kaos is a beautiful blue and white American Staffy and at 4 months – the same age as Tyson – it’s no wonder they are best buddies!


Of Kaos, Broooke says “Kaos is the protector of the pack, always alerting anyone when he hears or sees something strange. Although he acts tough he loves to cuddle and is quite the sooky boy”


Next we have Karma – 5 months old – a beautiful American Staffy girl…


Of Karma, Brooke says “Karma is the high energy one in the pack, she gets them up and going and she’s still going once they’re buggered. She loves everyone she meets and is quite happy to smother you in kisses”


Now we are going to meet 1 year old Loki, a cute as a button Staffy x Foxie…


And according to Brooke, “Loki, does a good job of living up to his namesake – the master of mischief! Conan is his best mate and you’ll always find the two together up to no good!”


We had best movie right along to Loki’s ‘partner in crime’ Conan! Conan is a very regal looking 2 year old Rough Collie…


“Conan is very loyal and always wants to know what’s happening. He’s the goofiest of the pack but all the younger dogs are always two steps behind him, he’s like the Dad figure” Brooke tells me.


I am going to move onto Sasha next, Conan’s sister from another litter – at just 8 months she is a very beautiful sable Rough Collie…


Just look how pretty she is!! Brooke tells me that “Miss Sasha is the quietest of the pack. Happy to just sit back and observe what the rest are up to, but never too far from her big bro Conan”. (I don’t doubt this at all, just scroll back up and look at the big Family shot – see Sasha in the front there….asleep!!!)


I asked Sasha and Conan to give me a paired drop, and they did the sweetest thing….


See their front legs? They posed themselves that way!!

Now lets meet the ‘little-guy’ of the pack – Theo – a little 1 year old Chihuahua with a big personality!


About Theo, Brooke says “Theo thinks he is the biggest in the pack and not afraid to show it! He’s quirky, funny and a little spunk (who Knows it)” I had the next shot in mind as soon as I set eyes on Theo, and it suits his personality down to a T…


And finally we come to the last member of the pack – Mishka, a stunning Siberian Husky, who at 4 years old is the eldest in the pack.


Brooke tells me that “Mishka is the top dog of the pack, everyone looks up to her & treats her with the most respect. Misha is loveable and is always happy and ready for an adventure”


A big thank you to Brooke and Rhys not only for bringing your beautiful pack into the studio, but for all the hard work and effort you pu into your obviously very well loved dogs.

Sharon Stokes ~ APP

Central Coast Pet Photographer


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