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I am still playing catch up with the pet photography studio sessions from before Xmas….

Jaffa turned 2 just before Xmas, so as a Birthday/Xmas present he got his own studio session!

Ummm, Jaffa, thats a good thing, you’re supposed to be happy!


There, thats better….


Jaffa, is a bit of a clown and had a great time ‘hamming’ it up in front of the camera, but he is a serious model too



Jaffa is currently competing in Agility and Rally O and has so far achieved his RN (Rally Novice) title.

High 5 Jaffa!


Of course Jaffa did not come alone, he brought Big Brother Comet and Big Sister Skye along with him so Mum could get a family photo too…


Skye, Comet & Jaffa are all the ‘faces’ of Woofs & Wags Pet Dog Training and can usually be seen helping out in classes and doing their own training as well at various locations around the Central Coast. If you are on the Central Coast and need a great fun class for your dog, Skarla and I can highly recommend Gail’s classes!

I hope you al enjoyed seeing more of Jaffa an the Woofs & Wags Family xo

Sharon Stokes ~ APP

Central Coast Pet Photography

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