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A few months back now (yes, I am that far behind with my blog posts) I had a lovely drive out to Elm Park in the very beautiful Dooralong Valley to photograph the Haskell Families animals. I knew this session would be fun, I mean there were dogs, horses, sheep, chickens and ducks! What more could a pet photographer ask for?

When I arrived and had chosen a nice spot and was setting up ready to photograph the dogs, the ducks came marching right through on their way to the dam


They got a bit confused because I was there and did a bit of a circle away from then back to the dam, but they made it to the water without too much fuss!


Now, back to the dogs! Meet Kelly, a beautiful, gentle 15 year old Girl who was more than happy to laze in the grass for her photos!


Then there is Jasper, at just 3 years old, Jasper is a bit of a clown, he is sweet, energetic and he just makes you smile!


Don’t they make a lovely pair?


Next up are Arthur and Buster two young sheep who have been hand raised and are quite the characters!




See this look? This look means “Hey, photographer Lady, I’m about to head-butt you ’cause it’s a game I play!”


While Arthur and Buster are kind of spoilt there is a whole flock of sheep living the good life here at Elm Park.


Now we moved on to photographing the horses, we started with Dakota, a beautiful 17 year old Gentleman…


While Dakota was happy to stand around in the shade on his own, once his little sister Faith was brought out things took an interesting turn! Faith at 5 years old is a bit of a firecracker – but boy, was she lovely to watch and photograph!







Faith obviously keeps Dakota feeling younger than he is! Now while the horses were having fun, so was Jasper….stealing carrots!


Faith and Dakota finally agreed to calm down and I captured this lovely tender moment between them…


Now, I will just finish up with this super cute shot of one of the littlest members of the Elm park Family…


I did mention cute, but sassy too!!

I would like to thank the Haskell Family for inviting me out to their beautiful property, it was an honour and a privilege to photograph your animal Family for you xo

Sharon Stokes ~ APP

Central Coast Pet Photography


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