Brothers, Sisters & BFF’S | Central Coast Childrens Photographer

Just before Xmas, I had in the studio four of the cutest kids around!

We started off with Chelsea & Zac, Brother & Sister who were getting photos taken for their Grandparents Xmas gift,



Now here is where the BFF’s bit comes into the title of this post, Chelsea is my Daughter, Aimilee’s BFF and Zac is my Son, Ash’s BFF.

What happens when you ask two 4 year old boys to come and get their photo’s take? Well…this of course….



That posing (or lack of ) was totally of their own doing…sigh…After some bribing, hair pulling (mine) and a fair few laughs we did get the boys to give us a great shot…



Next up it was the girl’s turn, these two are natural performers in front of the camera and it was not hard to get great shots of Chelsea & Aimilee…




I even managed to get a great shot of my two kids together – a very rare occurrence!



But the challenge was on, could I get all four of these kids in one shot – and looking natural and happy?! Thanks to Chelsea & Zac’s Mum, a fair bit of extra bribery and a lot more laughs we got the shot that both Lizzie and I as Mum’s were really happy with and whats more, I think this image really does depict the relationship between these four kids….



This was a really fun session – I do think it can be harder working with your own kids – they are just so used to ignoring me!! But we got there in the end :)


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