Beautiful Beasties is an international network of professional pet photographers, of which I am very privileged to be a part of. Within the network a group was formed for photographers who wanted to participate in a project, a 52 week project. Each week a theme is chosen and posted, then we all go out and take a photograph or series of photographs to fit the theme, then we all post onto our own websites and form a ring by linking all the websites. That means you can look at my images and then follow the links all over the world to see what other pet photographers are capturing.

The theme for week 16 is – “Seniors – Ageing gracefully” and this week our brief read….. “Our pets age so quickly, I really find it unfair. Let’s capture the grey muzzles, the wiser eyes, the slowing down, in sum, all the essence of the senior dog, cat or any other animal that is either in our lives, a client’s pet or an old stray or shelter dog or cat that may be in need of a home. Time passes much too quickly especially for our dogs.”

I had a good think about this one – all my own senior pets have already passed, so where could I find a senior pet…. Rocky!!

Rocky is the ‘senior’ (and only) dog who is loved by my kids best Friends, so it was an easy choice to feature Rocky this week.


Rocky is about 14yrs old, he is a German Shepherd X Kelpie and one of the sweetest natured dogs you could ever hope to meet!



One of his favourite things to do is sit near the back door and play with his best toy,



from here he can keep an eye on the cheeky ducks that drop in and hear the Family in the house too,


And sometimes when Mum, is busy Rocky likes to sneak up on the day bed – but at his age, I think thats ok, let him have some luxury, right?



It was a pleasure to photograph Rocky – and something I have been meaning to do for a long time! Now don’t forget this is a blog ring, so follow the links, starting with – Life By Tara, Hamilton, New Zealand – keep following the links until you get back here.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks theme and images, see you all next week xo



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