Beautiful Beasties is an international network of professional pet photographers, of which I am very privileged to be a part of. Within the network a group was formed for photographers who wanted to participate in a project, a 52 week project. Each week a theme is chosen and posted, then we all go out and take a photograph or series of photographs to fit the theme, then we all post onto our own websites and form a ring by linking all the websites. That means you can look at my images and then follow the links all over the world to see what other pet photographers are capturing.


This week it was my turn choose a theme and I had no idea what to choose! So I turned to ‘google’ for some inspiration and I liked the sound of including numbers or letters into our images this week…..

Then, I had no idea WHAT my image would be! But after a few days of thinking about it and a trip to the craft store, this is what I came up with…



M…is for Mice! These two little cuties are Chocolate & Nibbles, 2 of my daughters pet mice.


Now, don’t forget this is a blog ring so, starting with Cincinnati pet photographer, Suzi Pix Photography, follow the links and see what the other photographers in our group came up with this week.

See you all next week.



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