Beautiful Beasties is an international network of professional pet photographers, of which I am very privileged to be a part of. Within the network a group was formed for photographers who wanted to participate in a project, a 52 week project. Each week a theme is chosen and posted, then we all go out and take a photograph or series of photographs to fit the theme, then we all post onto our own websites and form a ring by linking all the websites. That means you can look at my images and then follow the links all over the world to see what other pet photographers are capturing.


The theme for week 9, chosen by – Erin, from Charlottesville, USA, is “Shooting From The Hip” – the generally accepted definition of shooting from the hip is – ” holding your camera at waist-level, and shooting upwards without looking through the viewfinder. One of the reasons why this technique is widely popular is because it allows you to take much more candid images of people, as they do not see you shooting them with your eye through your viewfinder, and assume you aren’t taking images. Another thing is that when shooting from the hip, you often get a much more interesting perspective as you shoot from a much lower perspective.”

Now as we are shooting animals and not people I thought I would try a slightly different version of this technique – by heading out to my chicken yard armed with camera – new gumboots and treats – instead of shooting upwards I have shot down to see what/how my chickens behave when I am with them….

First off, I practised with my trusty side-kick, Skarla


That was not too hard! So off to the chickens I went…



The biggest problem I had with this challenge was getting the focus right as the chickens moved quite quickly and very close to me. So I changed track a little and while still ‘shooting-from-the-hip’ I did not shoot down but rather out to my side, this not only gave me better results, it also engaged the chickens more – especially Blizzard, my little rooster…



This was a fun weeks challenge, now follow the links and see what or who all the other photographers have captured, starting with – Sydney & MAC Creative Designs – Pet Photography and Portraiture for the Washington DC Metro Area – and following the links all the way back here.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks theme.


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