About Sharon


In December 2010 I started Pawprint Images, officially turning my passion into a business endeavour, with things rolling along well, in August 2012 I have made a small name and logo change to incorporate photographing children into my business,  and so I bring you Sharon Stokes Photography.

A bit about me….well I am married with two human kids, Aimilee and Ash, and four furkids, Sebastian and Lilly the cats, and Skarla and Milly my dogs (who you will meet a lot).

My photography is all about pets and children, you know how people say ‘never work with animals or kids’? Well I do both and I love it!

How did I get into pet photography you ask? It really was a natural progression of my life, you see animals have always been my first passion, from a very young age, I have had all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to fish, birds, horses, goats and chickens. I really can not comprehend life without animals.

During high school, I started my love for photography and went onto study a diploma in photography. I also studied animal husbandry and was a qualified working veterinary nurse for fifteen years. I have also worked as an Arabian show horse trainer and a puppy pre-school facilitator, as well as training and competing with my own horses and dogs.

Now that I also have Human children, photographing children was the next logical step for me, hence the expansion of my photography business.

I am lucky to be living on the very beautiful New South Wales Central Coast, which has an abundance of stunning scenery from beach to bush, and plenty of great areas for my dogs, kids and I to roam and play.

I hope that explains a little about my passion for my photography, I strongly believe every loving owner of every furry best friend and every parent, deserves to have their memories captured. I love working with my clients to achieve this, we play, we laugh, we smile, we do whatever it takes to capture your memories, like that goofy labby look or your staffy’s never ending grin, the grace in your horse’s movement, or the soul in your cat’s gaze, for the animals and for the children it is about letting them relax, be themselves and maybe play out one of their fantasies for a bit.

So take some time, wander through my blog site, join me on Facebook, and one day maybe we can meet and play while capturing your memories and your relationship with the animals and children you share your life with.

Sharon Stokes.



Professional Photography for Animals and Children by NSW, Central Coast Pet and Child Portrait Photographer, Sharon Stokes.


Sharon Stokes Photography offers pet and child portrait photography on the Central Coast of NSW in her home studio in Bensville and on location in the NSW Central Coast area.

If you love Sharon Stokes’s pet and child portrait photography and living on or are willing to travel to the NSW Central Coast, please contact Sharon via the contact page on this website to book your pet or child portrait photography session.

Sharon Stokes is passionate, artistic and creative and works closely with her clients to capture their memories during their pet or child portrait photography session. Her aim is to create artworks for her clients that will last their lifetime and beyond.

Sharon Stokes – NSW Central Coast Pet and Child Portrait Photographer, takes pride in offering her clients of the NSW Central Coast and surrounds, the trusted style of pet and child portrait photography they are looking for.

Sharon Stokes Photography is conveniently located in the suburb of Bensville, NSW Central Coast. Please call or email for more information on booking your session.