A Little Rescue Family | Central Coast Pet Photographer

Late last year I had the chance to photograph two lovely little dogs, who had won a photography session and print package, both these two are special and unique in their own ways, both are rescue dogs who have medical conditions and require extra love and care.

Little Pablo, who is 7 years old, was the more confidant outgoing of the two while in the studio, had already lost his leg when he was adopted….but that has not stopped him  enjoying everything life has to offer…






And then there is little Chiqueto, who at 8 years old with a heart condition, was very shy and not comfortable in front of the camera at all. She did let us get the shots we wanted, but she is most happy snuggled up with her Mum, or at least with Pablo by her side…



I am so glad these two won, their package, which included a 12×18″ framed print, an 8×10″ print, 2 – 5×7″ prints and a DVD slide-show, was an absolute pleasure to put together.

Thank you to Boehringer Ingelheim for running the competition and thank you to Pablo & Chiqueto’s Mum & Dad for bringing them all the way up from western Sydney for their photo-shoot.


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