So, if you read my last blog post, you will know I am behind with updating the blog…well, one of the reasons I am behind  – well actually 10 reasons – 10 fluffy balls of super cuteness are making my kitchen home!

Did I mention cute?!


If you follow either my blog or my FaceBook page you will know that my chickens have become a big part of our Family. This latest chicken adventure started with my Bantam hen Flossy going broody. When a hen goes broody you have 2 choices – give her eggs to hatch or convince her not to be broody (giving her eggs is the easier option). So we gave Flossy 12 mixed eggs to sit on, Flossy was a wonderful Girls and kept those eggs warm and safe for 21 days, when it came near to hatching time Flossy and her nest were moved into lockdown (safe from the other hens and marauding Bush Turkeys) I watched and listened anxiously for the 1st signs of hatching……it was all quiet and I was getting worried, then all of a sudden everything happened at once!

The 1st chick hatched followed closely by 2 more and then disaster struck!! Flossy and her chicks/eggs were contained in a dog crate in the chicken shed, I thought they were safe, I was wrong. On the 1st night after the hatch started, something, we presume a spider bit Flossy, my poor Girl was very sick when I checked her the next morning – not knowing at first what had happened I tried to help Flossy by giving her electrolytes in water and moving her crate and her new hatching family down to the house, over the next 24 hours the chicks kept hatching and Flossy kept getting worse.

Flossy hung on until the last chick had started to hatch and then she died, it was a morning filled with tears and the sound of 10 babies cheeping. I was devastated, Flossy had sat her eggs so diligently and held on just long enough to for her chicks to hatch, now it was up to me to take over for her.

And so we come to today, the chicks are now 6 days old and growing by the moment – boy can these guys eat! Chick care is now part of our Families daily routine and we LOVE it! A lot of time is being spent by all members of the Family simply sitting and watching, yes there is a lot of what could be called time-wasting going on, but I don’t think any time spent with animals is time wasted, so enough from me, lets see some more pictures!! (pictures taken at 4 days old)












I did warn you they were cute! I hope you all enjoyed these pictures, check back soon for plenty of updates.


Well spring is here and September is almost 1/2 over…how did that happen so quick!? While I have been head down editing, editing, editing, time has flown past and now my blog posts are late, late late!!

So lets get started, shall we…..

Back on the 7th September the Central Coast Quarter Horse Assoc. had their 1st show back for the season, and what a great day for a show it was!

The full gallery can be found at THIS LINK or by clicking on the “Horse Show Galleries” page link on the left…

But here are some of my favourite images from the day…











congratulations to all the competitors and your beautiful horses and thank you to the CCQHA committee for having me back for another season, I look forward to getting my ‘horse-fix’ every month.