Tonight is the last night before the kids go back to school (not that I am counting the hours, or anything) we had a nice quiet holidays this time around, getting everything ready for our house extensions to start – tomorrow!!

One thing I did do, was take Aimilee and two of her Friends to the Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park, at Calga.



The Girls (and I) had a great time, right from the minute we arrived it was all about getting up close to the animals…. Aimilee was delighted to get the 1st pat..



And Jess was equally excited to be the 1st to hand feed…



The Girls were over-the-moon to discover one pouch complete with Joey on board, while Yassi checks her shot, Aimilee gets right in for the Joyey’s close up…



Yes, they may have been hanging around me a bit too much, Lol.

Next we walked around the ‘animal’ loop and out to see the Aboriginal carving sights, where we enjoyed a lovely morning tea. On the way back we encountered this guy in the middle of the track…



What do you do when a mature Emu blocks your path? You wait, you watch and the you follow his lead – he led us almost all the way back to the main area….



Then it was time for some keeper talk and we were lucky to meet and touch a beautiful Black Headed Python



A Bilby – I never realised just how soft and silky a Bilby was to touch!



and a Koala…



Then the Girls were back to photographing Kangaroo’s



By far the highlight of our day – decided unanimously in the car on the drive home – was seeing Kambala and her perfect little Baby!





I hope you enjoyed our little outing, S.