Yesterday morning, I had 3 beautiful dogs in the studio for their portrait session (blog post to follow) but after they left my house was quiet, the kids and Hubby were all occupied elsewhere, so what is a photographer to do?

Bring the Chicken Girls in of course!!

I have wanted to get the girls in the studio for a while now, but time was always against us, I finally got the chance.

1st up we have Fauna…



Now Fauna is a special type of chicken – just ask my neighbours! Fauna is a gypsy wanderer (not a ‘real’ breed) Fauna will not stay at home, she likes to wander the street checking out everyones gardens – yes this has caused me a few grumbles from neighbours, so now during the day Fauna shares the backyard with Skarla (the dog), rather than the chicken paddock, after a few pecks on Skarla’s nose to let her know that Chickens rule over dogs they have settled into a peaceful routine – except for the day Fauna decided to lay an egg on Skarala’s bed!!




Next I brought in the two babies of the flock, Sweet Pea & Flossy, these Girls are Pekin Bantams, and oh so cute! Their feathers are just so silky soft, they are the perfect chickens to pat and snuggle with at the end of a tough day….



And they are pretty as well! I have been really pleased at how the bigger, older chicken Girls have started to look after these two, it’s lovely to see.




Well, that is just over 1/2 of my flock, next time I will bring in Mumma Chook and Snowball, but for now I had better get back to editing the mornings dog’s session.

I hope you all enjoyed meeting some of my Girls.